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Wizz and Adria in Ohrid expansion

Ohrid St. Paul the Apostle Airport is soon expected to become a whole lot busier as local authorities have decided to provide subsidies to Wizz Air and Adria Airways to launch services to the lake side town next year. The Mayor of Ohrid, Nikola Bakračeski, says a total of 200.000 euros will be allocated for the subsidised services, with the nearby town of Struga also set to participate in funding the flights. Statistics show some 30% of passengers using Skopje Airport come from western Macedonia.
aerodrom ohrid
Wizz Air has identified northern Italy, Switzerland and Germany as potential destinations from Ohrid. Furthermore, the airline believes it could attract passengers from Albania as well due to the town’s close proximity to the Albanian border. The new flights from Ohrid mark yet another expansion for Wizz Air in the region and Macedonia which will base a second aircraft in Skopje next summer. Adria has also expressed its interest to launch services from Ljubljana to Ohrid. The Slovenian carrier once operated the flights on a seasonal summer basis before they were discontinued due to cost cutting measures. It has been confirmed that Air Serbia will maintain its seasonal summer flights to Ohrid next year.

Ohrid is currently served only on a seasonal summer basis by Jat Airways with flights from Belgrade, Jetairfly from Brussels and the Turkish-Dutch charter company Corendon Airlines which will operate flights from Amsterdam and Eindhoven to the town until at least 2015. The airport was once much busier when MAT Macedonian Airlines maintained year long scheduled flights, prior to its bankruptcy. In August 2013, Ohrid Airport handled 16.463 passengers.

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B&H Airlines to Skopje from April

B&H Airlines to Skopje from April

B&H Airlines will launch flights to Skopje Alexander the Great Airport on April 1. Services, with the ATR72, will operate four times per week. Originally, B&H intended to launch flights to Skopje during the winter holiday season but instead it opted to postpone the service until the summer. The airline also intends to launch flights to Amsterdam and there is a possibility for services to Zagreb to be inaugurated as well as the Bosnian carrier looks to strengthen its cooperation with Croatia Airlines. Flight details for the Sarajevo – Skopje s

B&H’s return will be welcomed news for Skopje Airport. Nordic Air Sweden has already announced that it will launch flights from Copenhagen to the Macedonian capital in late February while a possible Wizz Air expansion is also on the cards. Furthermore, Jetairfly will resume its seasonal summer flights from Brussels. Skopje will now be served by four national carriers from the former Yugoslavia – Adria Airways, B&H Airlines, Croatia Airlines and Jat Airways. With 828.831 passengers handled in 2012, Skopje will need a significant 20% passenger increase this year if it is to break its one million passenger record set in 2000.

B&H Airlines has operated flights to Skopje on and off for several years. At first the airline flew to Skopje via Podgorica. The national carrier suspended the flights after some time citing low interest. It planned to return to the Macedonian capital in the summer of 2012, however, its fleet shortage and Turkish Airlines’ exit from the carrier made it impossible. A total of five weekly flights were scheduled, departing Sarajevo in the evening with the return flight to leave Skopje early next morning, so as to connect onto B&H’s services to Europe. All EX-YU airlines rely on Macedonian transit passengers to Western Europe, with B&H now ready to re-enter the game as well.

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Skopje – Zürich, Skopje – Düsseldorf, Скопје – Диселдорф, Скопје – Цирих

  • Skopje     –     Zürich 29.12.2012     Shkup  Zurich 159,00 €
  • Skopje     –     Zürich 30.12.2012    Shkup  Zurich  183,00 €
  • Skopje     –     Düsseldorf  29.12. 2012  Shkup Duseldorf 133,00 €
  • Заминување Скопје – Диселдорф саб, 29.12.2012     ST2283     10:10     12:40     219.00 EUR
  • Заминување Скопје – Диселдорф саб, 29.12.2012     ST2283     10:10     12:40     219.00 EUR
  • Заминување Скопје – Диселдорф  срд, 02.01.2013     ST2283     17:35     20:10     229.00 EUR
  • Заминување Скопје – Диселдорф  саб, 05.01.2013     ST2283     10:10     12:40     279.00 EUR
  • Заминување Скопје – Диселдорф  срд, 09.01.2013     ST2283     17:35     20:10     199.00 EUR       Овој лет ќе се реализира од Germania.


  • Скопје – Цирих      срд, 26.12.2012     WK439     15:20     17:20     180.00 CHF
  • Скопје – Цирих       чет, 27.12.2012     2L173     16:05     18:15     250.00 CHF
  • Скопје – Цирих        пет, 28.12.2012     2L173     19:45     22:05     250.00 CHF      Овој лет ќе се реализира од Helvetic Airways.
  • Скопје – Цирих        саб, 29.12.2012     2L173     09:55     12:05     270.00 CHF
  • Скопје – Цирих        саб, 29.12.2012     WK439     15:50     17:50     270.00 CHF   Овој лет ќе се реализира од Edelweiss Air / Swiss

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Skopje – Dubai Flydubai – Airmacedonia

A keni dashur gjithmonë që të shihni nga afër Burj el Arab-in?

Risi: Linjë direkt nga Shkupi për në Dubai

Tani, ëndrrën tuaj mund ta bëni realitet. Zbuloni atraksionet e Emirateve. Ne tani ofrojmë fluturime direkt me çmime të lira përmes Fly Dubai. Zbuloni qytetin e superlatives. Mrekullohuni me ndërtesat më të larta në botë dhe me hotelet nga më luksozet. Shijoni shëtitjet nëpër dyqanet gjigante (Shopping Malls) dhe tregjeve (Suk) piktoreske. Ne ju dërgojmë në Dubai direkt nga Shkupi me çmime të volitshme.

Have you always wanted to go see the Burj Al Arab?

NEW: Direct from Skopje to Dubai

Your dream can now come true. Discover the attraction of the Emirates. We offer immediate and affordable direct flights with Fly Dubai. Discover the city of superlatives. Be amazed by the highest buildings in the world and by luxurious hotels. Enjoy strolling through huge shopping malls or through picturesque souks. We’ll take you to Dubai – direct and affordable flights from Skopje.

Wollten Sie immer schon mal das Burj el Arab sehen?

NEU: Direkt von Skopje nach Dubai

Ihr Traum kann jetzt wahr werden. Entdecken Sie die Attraktion der Emirate. Wir bieten ab sofort günstige Direktflüge mit Fly Dubai. Entdecken Sie die Stadt der Superlative. Staunen Sie über die höchsten Gebäude der Welt und über luxuriöse Hotels. Genießen Sie den Bummel durch riesige Shopping Malls oder durch malerische Suqs. Wir bringen Sie nach Dubai – direkt und günstig ab Skopje


Дали отсекогаш сте сакале да го посетите Бурж ал Араб?

НОВО: Директен лет од Скопје за Дубаи

Сега вашиот сон може да стане реалност. Откријте ја атрактивноста на Емиратите. Ви нудиме поволни директни летови со Fly Dubai. Запознајте го градот на суперлативите. Восхитувајте им се на највисоките згради на светот и луксузните хотели. Уживајте во шетањето низ огромните трговски центри или живописните пазари. Ние ве носиме во Дубаи – директно и поволно од Скопје.




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Летови за од Скопје Аир Приштина

Летови за Скопје Диселдорф    од EUR 69,00
Летови за Скопје Цирих    од CHF 90,00
Летови за Скопје Рим    од EUR 89,00
Летови за Скопје Анкона    од EUR 99,00

Летови од Скопје Цирих    од CHF 120,00
Летови од Скопје Диселдорф    од EUR 99,00
Летови од Скопје Анкона    од EUR 119,00
Летови од Скопје Рим    од EUR 129,00

Аир Приштина Call Center 24 ч

Аир Приштина Швајцарија +41 44 2211917 /  Аир Приштина Германија +49 21 1162503 /
Аир Приштина Италија +390 240 708009 Аир Приштина  Белгија +32 2 8080962 /
Аир Приштина Франција +33 4 81680184 /  Австрија +43 720 881473
Аир Приштина В. Британија +44 203 3189435 / Аир Приштина Косово +381 38 222099 /
Аир Приштина Македонија +38 92 5111212  / Аир Приштина Шведска +46 40 645 3560 /
Аир Приштина Данска +45 70 142 278

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avionski karti skopje cirih

Заминување Скопје – Цирих
Заминување Скопје – Цирих пет, 31.08.2012     WK439     19:20     21:35     280.00 CHF
Заминување Скопје – Цирих   саб, 01.09.2012     FHE6681     09:50     11:50     280.00 CHF
Заминување Скопје – Цирих   саб, 01.09.2012     WK439     14:05     16:20     320.00 CHF
Заминување Скопје – Цирих нед, 02.09.2012     WK439     14:00     16:15     320.00 CHF


avionski karti skopje cirih

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New flights from Skopje announced

Skopje Alexander the Great Airport will soon see flights to six new destinations. The new routes come as a result of the international tender call to low cost airlines which offers government subsidies to those willing to operate flights to the Macedonian capital. The Macedonian Prime Minister, Nikola Gruevski, said yesterday that the tender is in its final phase and details are soon to be released. However, he did confirm that the new destinations will be Munich, Dortmund, Basel, Eindhoven, Malmo and Milan.

It is being tipped that Wizz Air, which already operates flights from Treviso and London to the Macedonian capital will operate the bulk of the newly announced flights, while easyJet will take the Basel – Skopje route. However, precise details will be announced on June 21. All of the new services are set to begin at the start of the 2012/2013 winter season in late October. The flights will be subsidised over the next three years. Recently, Flydubai also announced its service launch to Skopje from Dubai on October 18.

Macedonian airports are recording the strongest growth in the region this year. The positive trend continued in May as well. Skopje and Ohrid handled a combined total 75.479 passengers, an increase of 14% compared to the same month last year. The exceptional result is despite a sharp decline in the number of operated flights of up to 15%. In the first five months of the year, the two airports welcomed 314.854 passengers through its doors, up 20% on 2011.

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Skopje Zurich – Shkup Zurich

Wed 13.06.2012     SKP Skopje Zurich 09:55 ZRH     12:05     109,00 €
Sat 16.06.2012     SKP Skopje Zurich 10:15 ZRH     12:20     109,00 €
Sun 17.06.2012     SKP Skopje Zurich 09:50 ZRH     12:00     109,00 €

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Skopje Letovi Specijalne Cene

2012-05-31 Skopje (Shkup) – Ancona  10:00 123.00 EUR

2012-06-03 Skopje (Shkup) – Ancona  10:00 89.00 EUR

2012-05-26 Skopje (Shkup) – Zurich (Cyrih, Cirih)  14:05  180.00 CHF

2012-05-26 Skopje (Shkup) – Dusseldorf (Dyseldorf)  12:40 114.00 EUR

27.05.2012 Skopje (Shkup) – Rome (Rim, Roma)  14:10 131.00 EUR


На вашиот посакуван термин нема повратни летови, или пак нема веќе слободни места. Изберете друга комбинација која Ви одговара од алтернативните податоци, наведете го бројот на патниците и притиснете долу на синото копче за да продолжите со вашата резервација.


Air Prishtina Skopje Macedonia

GTC Mavrovka
MK – 10000 Skopje

Тел.:+389 2 511 12 12
Факс:+389 2 323 20 33


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XL Airways (Stuttgart – Skopje)

XL Airways launches 1 weekly flight to Skopje:

Flight number: GXL668

Departure city: STR
Departure time: 15.00
Arrival time: 17.10
Arrival city: SKP
Aircraft type: B737-800
Day operating: —–6-



Flight number: GXL669
Departure city: SKP
Departure time: 05.40
Arrival time: 08.00
Arrival city: STR
Aircraft type: B737-800

Day operating: —–6-

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